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Devastation of Accidental Fires

All too often we hear of tragic deaths caused by house fires. And sometimes investigators discover there were no smoke detectors in the home or the detectors had no batteries.

The Ontario Fire Marshal reports that 70% of fire deaths occur in homes that are not protected by working fire alarms.


We need to become more alert to the potential of fire hazards and be aware these hazards are present in everyday life. House Fire

A 40 watt light bulb has enough heat to ignite a combustible material like fabric or plastic. Many common household devices have enough electrical current to create countless potential fire hazards.

Do you have a light fixture in your closet? Is it a bare bulb near a shelf? What do you put on that shelf? I recently pulled a pillow off just such a shelf only to discover a large burn hole in the material. In this instance the only casualty was the pillow but it is frightening to think about the potential for devastation. We now have a cover over that bulb and store our pillows on the lower shelf.

Have you checked the shades on your lamps lately? Is the bulb the right size for that lamp and is the shade well away form the bulb? Check the plug for any signs of damage.

When did you last clean out the clothes dryer vent? They get full of lint very quickly especially in winter when we aren't using clotheslines.

An ULC-Approved Type-ABC fore extinguisher is the most practical for your home because it can be used on most types of household fires. More importantly, is choosing the right size. Bigger isn't always better, especially if it's too heavy to lift, hold and aim comfortably. Use caution in selecting the mini-varieties too. They may be cute and easy to store, but except for use on a stovetop frying pan, they may not have enough capacity to handle a more substantial fire. In general, a 5-pound extinguisher is the best choice for most homes.

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK A FIRE EXTINGUISHER? Read the instructions and even try it out to be sure it works. You won't have time in an emergency.

It you are insured with Dufferin Mutual Insurance Company we will refill your approved fire extinguishers at no cost to you.

Remember - procrastination is bad for your health - begin and you're half done!

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