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Don't Hit the Deer

It was a busy highway in our community and darkness had just settled over the landscape. The vehicle pulled out onto the highway and was slowly building speed as it climbed a long hill. Suddenly the front window was shattered, the side mirror came crashing through the window beside the driver. Glass and bits of mirror were spraying the drivers' face. He couldn't see and just gripped the steering wheel, held it straight and managed to get stopped without hitting any on coming vehicles.


A deer had hit his vehicle and he was very lucky to escape uninjured.

This happened to my son and you can bet I gave him an extra hug the next time I saw him.

An inexpensive devise is available to minimize collisions with wildlife. Its called "Ultrasonic Animal Alert" and can be found in most hardware stores.

It consists of two small devices placed on you car and with speeds over 50 km/h they transmit a high frequency ultrasonic sound that warns most wildlife of an approaching vehicle.

Put a set on all your vehicles - it just might save your life.

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