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Operational Smoke Alarm Now Mandatory

In Ontario, operational smoke alarms are now mandatory. This new Regulation is part of the revised Ontario Fire Code, effective July 25, 1998. The fine for not conforming can be as high as $200.00.

Fire Departments do not have to people power to go out and check all fire alarms. However, if there is a fire and they determine there is no working alarm, they may issue a ticket.

This regulation is intended to save lives. The Ontario Fire Marshal reports that 70% of fire deaths occur in homes that are not protected by working fire alarms.

Do you check your alarms? Most alarms have a reset button so either push it once a month or light a piece of string and see if the smoke sets it off.

If you have electric alarms and the warning buzzer starts, maybe it just needs the dust removed with a vacuum cleaner. Electric alarms last about 10 years so if it continues to activate you may need a new one.

It is mandatory that you have a smoke alarm on all levels of your home - including the basement. And if you sleep with the bedroom door closed put one right inside your bedroom.

Both battery and electric smoke detectors are acceptable but electric alarms do offer better protection. They respond much faster to smoldering fires and are sensitive to heat as well as smoke.

So please don't be like the man who was proud that he had 5 brand new smoke alarms. When I asked where they were he said," They are still in the boxes and sitting on the pantry shelf."

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