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Red Tape and Light Bar Program

Farm machinery that is in transit on public roads can pose a hazard to other motorists. This can put lives and property in jeopardy. All motorists and users of the road have a responsibility to see and avoid mishaps. It is equally important to be seen. Therefore Dufferin Mutual Insurance Company offers its policyholders two programs which will assist them in meeting their obligations as users of the road. Red and white reflective tape applied to the rear of farm machinery provides a clear indication to motorists behind, that a slow moving vehicle is ahead. This can prevent rear end accidents. We encourage our policyholders to use this tape on all farm machinery, which must travel on public roads, and we will provide this tape to our policyholders at no charge.

It is now a common sight in rural Ontario to see attached to the rear of slow moving farm machinery a light bar. A light bar is a convenient portable lighting system which attaches to the rear of machinery, and operates by being attached to standard four wire electrical trailer connections.

We strongly encourage our policyholders to use light bars while they travel on public highways and byways. In fact if one of our farm property policy holders purchases a light bar, we will pay $30.00 towards the cost of this purchase. All you have to do is supply us with a copy of the receipt.

Please contact us, or your broker for further details on this program.

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