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The Emergency Tube

The Emergency Tube (ET) is a plastic, weather resistant canister (about 12 inches long x ½ in. diameter) that contains vital information about the farm or rural property for Emergency crews answering a call. Details regarding the storage of pesticides, fuel and other hazardous goods, as well as the location of valued equipment and livestock, are all identified. Maps show the positioning of access doors to all buildings, water supplies, and much more. The ET is mounted at a consistent location at every farmstead (normally the main hydro transformer pole) so response crews know where to quickly spot it and retrieve it.

The ET was developed by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) and the Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition, to support the Environmental Farm Plan initiative. The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs assisted in refining the design and assembling the information sheets inside. Interest in the ET is growing within Ontario and in several other provinces and the United States. Funds provided through the Canadian Coalition for Agricultural Safety and Rural Health are allowing OSCIA to extend the opportunity for areas across Ontario to launch local projects.

Those wishing to find out more about the Emergency Tube project, are encouraged to check availability at their local Fire Department, or contact the OSCIA for ideas at 1-800-265-9751.

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