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The Mutual Protect Program

The Ontario Provincial Police in partnership with the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association have developed the Mutual Protect program. Dufferin Mutual Insurance Company works with several O.P.P detachments to provide this service to local residents.

Mutual Protect is a simple and effective means of protecting personal property from theft. The concept involves marking all easily portable valuables in your home, using your vehicle license plate number as a means of identification. The vehicle license plate number provides a permanent link to the rightful owner. mutual

Once the property has been marked, the Mutual Protect stickers are placed in plain view at all possible points of entry to the building, warning would-be thieves that the property has been marked for future identification.

Dufferin Mutual Insurance Company has provided several O.P.P. detachments with a number of engravers enabling residents to mark their valuables. Residents sign out the engraver, mark their property, return the engraver when finished, and receive Mutual Protect window stickers to let thieves know their house is off limits. To take part in this program, please either contact us, or contact a Dufferin Mutual Broker. Otherwise, you may go to the nearest O.P.P. detachment.

The Mutual Protect program is not only an excellent means of protection for private property; it also represents a fine example of the community and the police, working together in a partnership against crime.  Please see our brochure for more informaton.

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