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TwistersAs you may know, Southern Ontario is a high risk area for tornadoes. May to September are the prime months to experience this destructive natural force. They form suddenly and usually hit in the afternoon and early evening. They move at speeds from 20 to 90 km/h and often travel from the southwest to the northeast but are erratic and can suddenly change course.

People who have experienced tornadoes say that their pet's unusual behaviour warned them something was wrong. Birds can signal a warning, as they will try to get inside a building.


  • severe thunderstorms
  • extremely dark sky sometimes highlighted by green or yellow clouds
  • rumbling or whistling sounds and increased wind speed
  • a funnel cloud at the base of a thundercloud; often behind a wall of heavy rain or hail


Take Cover - go to the basement or into a small interior ground floor room such as a bathroom, closet or hallway. Failing that, get under a heavy table or desk.

  • Stay away from the windows, outside walls and doors.
  • Avoid buildings such as gymnasiums, churches and auditoriums. These buildings have freespan roof designs (no middle support) and can collapse.
  • Get out of cars and mobile homes. If you can't get to a nearby shelter, take cover in a low lying area, even under an underpass. Get as close to the ground as possible.
  • Discuss safety measures with your children.
  • Have a battery operated radio on hand.

SUGGESTED READING - Under the Whirlwind by Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik is available at the Dufferin County Museum.

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