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Residential Insurance

Dufferin Mutual has packaged it's products to allow us to offer choices to meet the needs of your home and you. We consider each home individually, we look at the age of your home, it's location, type of construction and whether any upgrades have been made to the wiring, plumbing, heating or roof.

Our experienced and qualified team of brokers will then establish a value to replace your home and explain the options available to you.

Residential Policies Dufferin Mutual offers:

  • Condominium Package
  • Seasonal Residence
  • Homeowners Package
  • Farmowners Package
  • Tenants Package
  • Mobile Home
  • Tenanted Dwellings

Questions to Consider:

Am I insured to the proper value?

         This is not the same amount as the sales amount for your house because the sales amount includes the cost of the land.

Do I have replacement cost coverage on contents?

         This allows you to replace older items with new ones as long as you have insured them to the value of the new.

What are my savings if I raise my deductible?

          By raising your deductible you will lower your premium. Our brokers will be able to tell you exactly what the savings will be.   

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